July 12, 2000   

   Bendable nanotubes store bits
Researchers at Harvard University have exploited the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes to build a tiny memory device that could be a predecessor to the building blocks of tomorrow's molecular computers. Those computers would not only be thousands of times faster than today's but also much cheaper. Full story
Protein-coated chip sniffs out bacteria
PDAs are already quite handy. In a few years they might also be able to save you from food poisoning.

The little light-sensitive molecule that could
Why use cumbersome scanning probe microscopes to move atoms around when you can build a nano-scale, laser driven locomotive?

Fault-tolerant free speech
Researchers at AT&T aim to give dissidents and corporate whistle blowers a better chance of being heard.

Chemical reaction zips nanowires onto silicon
Someday producing integrated circuits could boil down to wafting some chemicals over a piece of silicon.

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