July 25, 2001   

   Sounds attract camera
Something falls to the floor and in the blink of an eye you turn to look. A prototype computer vision system that does the same thing is a step toward making machines more like us animals.
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Interface lets you point and speak
Pointing to a map and saying 'there' is about as clear is you can be, if you're talking to a person. A computer, however, will be hard pressed to figure out if your hand movement means anything at all, let alone match it to your words.

Quantum logic counts on geometry
Most quantum computing schemes work by jolting particles with energy. An alternative approach calls for taking them on a gentle stroll through an imaginary landscape.

T-shirt technique turns out flat screens
Silkscreening is an ancient technique for applying a consistent layer of ink to a surface. It looks like it might also be a cheap way to make billboard-sized computer screens.

Rating systems put privacy at risk
It's obvious that if you stand out in a crowd, you'll get noticed. What's not so obvious is that spouting off on seemingly anonymous online recommendation systems can make you stand out.

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