September 20, 2000   

   Hue-ing to quantum computing
Now that we're past the proof-of-concept stage of quantum computing, the race is on to find technology that can scale up to useful devices. One team is betting that shining multicolor lasers on a dirty diamond will get them to the promised land of 300-qubit quantum computers. But first they have to come up with a single qubit. Full story
Robots emerge from simulation
No, this doesn't herald the end of humanity. But it does mean machines that design, build, reconfigure and repair themselves are another step closer.

Software sorts Web data
The Web made sharing documents a snap. A research consortium is poised to free the facts and figures trapped on those pages, letting you correlate sales figures and sunspots.

Processor design tunes memory on the fly
Combining a simple adjustment to standard microprocessor memory with a little bit of software could yield faster computer chips that use less energy.

Superconducting transistor debuts
Researchers in Europe have fashioned superconducting material into a very cold transistor. Ultralow-power electronics are on the horizon.

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