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TRN's Research Directory

his resource puts a common interface on applied physics, biotechnology, communications, computing, engineering, materials, and nanotechnology research resources at university, government and corporate research sites. The directory contains a few dozen entries and will eventually grow to more than 250 sites worldwide.
Status: 10 percent now available
Projected finish date: unknown

Smalley's Research Watch
This blog illuminates science and technology developments by making connections among technologies, news events, and people's lives.
Launched December 6, 2004

The TRN Bookshelf
There is a physical bookcase in the TRN offices that houses the best science and technology books that we've read, and we are aiming to put the bookshelf online in the form of book reviews. To secure a spot on the TRN bookshelf a book must be be accurate, relevant, interesting, and above all, well-written. One of the most important traits of a good book is clear writing that frees the reader to concentrate on the material rather than the way it is presented.

Our online bookshelf will include a fairly extensive review of each book, including short excerpts of the book that will give the reader a sense of the author's power of explanation. Books that have made it to our physical bookshelf include The Energy of Life by Guy Brown, The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage, Hyperspace by Michio Kaku, The Language Instinct by Stephen Pinker, Why We Get Sick by Randolph Nesse and George Williams, Guns, Germs and Steel by Jered Diamond, The Humane Interface by Jef Raskin, and The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology edited by James Trefil.

Launched February 9, 2005

The How it Works Files
These encyclopedic articles will provide detailed explanations of how one or several related technologies work.
Example topics: Nanotechnology, Quantum cryptography, Automatic pattern recognition, the Semantic Web
Sample: Nanotechnology: the physics of the very small
Status: scheduled to launch in early 2005

The History Files
hese encyclopedic articles will trace the history of a key technology.
Example topics: Computers, the Internet, Lasers, Visualization
Sample: A short history of the computer
Status: launch date unknown

TRN's Researchers to Watch
This listing of key researchers and their Web sites within broad technology areas will include nanomechanics, nanoelectronics, DNA computing, quantum computing, the Internet, biochips and computer interfaces researchers. Each area will be organized by sub-topic, and will include explanations that organize the technologies, put them in context, and point out key developments to look for as the research goes forward.
Launched March 9, 2005

TRN's Events Directory
This directoryof technology research and business conferences will list events by the week and will be organized into seven categories: computing, biotech, nanotech, engineering, communications, applied
physics, and materials.

Status: scheduled to launch in early 2005

Resources For Journalists
This will include an extensive list of science and technology and related writing and reporting resources aimed at journalists.
Status: launch date unknown

Tech meets the Real World
This column will point out the way science and technology discoveries and inventions are percolating through today's world.
Status: Impact Assessment launched

Scientist View
This column will bring you the opinions of scientists on all types of topics.
Status: unknown.

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