November 14, 2001   

   Crossed nanowires compute
One hope for nanotechnology is that it will provide a replacement for today's silicon computer chips before they run out of room for improvement. Silicon nanowires are emerging as a front-runner thanks to a team of chemists who build transistors by making the tiny wires go with the flow.
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Disappearing links shape networks
Those annoying 'page not found' browser messages turn out to have a lot to do with the underlying structure of the Internet.

Stored light altered
Storing a light pulse in a tube of gas seems like magic, but isn't all that useful in itself. Controlling the stored light, on the other hand, is a step toward ultra powerful computers.

Flipping flakes change color
Flipping microscopic flakes back and forth is one way to add color to electronic paper. It could also be a way to wrap objects like helicopters in chameleon-like skin.

Evolution optimizes satellite orbits
Applying Darwin's survival-of-the-fittest law to satellite orbits could mean we need fewer of the multi-million dollar communications machines.

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