February 2/9, 2005   

   Atomic scopes eye living tissue
Turning scanning probe microscopes on living beings could provide insights into many of life's processes and lead to artificial materials that more closely mimic living matter. A study of the structural elements of butterfly wings shows the possibilities.
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Brainwave interface goes 2D
Past efforts at using brainwaves to control computers had limited success, and while interfaces that tap neural signals directly show promise, they require brain implants. A noninvasive brain interface shows that brainwaves may have what it takes after all. The key is adaptive software.

Software ties marks to digital text
The concept of the paperless office is getting to be a bad joke. A system that imports proofreader's marks into digital documents attempts to bridge the gap between paper and digital. The challenge is keeping marks with text as documents change.

View from the High Ground
An email conversation with Xerox CTO and Innovation Group president Herve Gallaire: ad hoc networks, the digital landfill, constraint-based programming, the digital divide, optical illusions, uncertainty and incompleteness, solid ink and sports.

All-silicon chip laser demoed... Nanotubes crank out hydrogen... Nanotubes on plastic speed circuits... Lens design promises tight spots... Silicon nanocrystal transistor shines... Nano triangles concentrate light... Musical additions sound alarm.

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