November 21, 2001   

   Chemists create nano toolkit
Molecules are essentially tiny 3-D jigsaw puzzle pieces. Scientists are beginning to find shapes that could make microscopic structures and machines. Because these molecular puzzle pieces assemble automatically, manufacturing machines this way promises to be quick and efficient.
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English could snowball on Net
English dominates the Web because the Internet was made in America. The big question is whether that head start turns out to be a serious long-term advantage.

Page age shapes Web
Networks like the Web have something in common with humans -- how they are structured has a lot to do with aging. You can't stay young, or popular, forever.

Circuits show six degrees of separation
What do your relationships with friends and neighbors have in common with circuits on a computer? As it turns out, a lot.

Spot of gold makes tiny transistor
Chop a tiny tube of carbon atoms in two, add a spot of gold, and you've got a transistor so small it will mete out just one electron at a time.

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